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W-What have I done?
The great hall inside the knights academy castle a group of nervous servants and knights gather around listening to Sir Ector
"Right! Listen up! I want him brought back here as soon as possible. He could be dangerous-"
"Dangerous!? He's turned Kay to-"
"I know what he did!" Sir Ector bellowed in distress
"The boy's a witch!"
"He'll kill us all!"
"Burn him!"
The great hall fell silent
He sighed the stress to him.
"Find the wart, bring him back, unless you want to meet the same fate as my son don't aggravate him any further or attempt to harm him"
The knights dispersed and began to start their search.
Sir Ector sat down looking distressed.
Where had he gone wrong?
What had he done to him make the boy do this?
The boy had been disobedient and Insolent recently but he never thought he'd turn to black magic
The man in pink approached the green knight who called him.
"What did the boy do to Sir Kay anyway?"
"He...he turned Sir Kay to
:iconwdisneyrp-arthur:WDisneyRP-Arthur 4 142
Is the world going mad or I am?
Arthur lay in a tent filled with women children in the court of miracles, Paris had recently run rampage due to criminals left free, two even chased him, :iconwdisneyrp-quasi: and some innocent people with the intention of harming them, he sighed sadly.
It seemed that every time he turned around some glimpse of light was gone 
:iconwdisneyrp-Merlin: had gone insane
Archimedes was no where to be found
:iconwdisneyrp-frollo: had let criminals take over palace
:iconwdisneyrp-percival: hated him for trying to free :iconwdisneyrp-marahute: who he now believed was dead.
He wasn't even able to sleep peacefully anymore
He heard warbling next to him and turned over to feed some mash up meat to a beak that was poking out of his satchel.
He wasn't hungry so he'd given the meat he'd been given to :iconwdisneyrp-marahute: eaglets.
Sadly he'd only found two, he feared the other one may have fallen and been eaten.
He stroked the top of an eaglets head, shushing to gently
"it will be alright" he
:iconwdisneyrp-arthur:WDisneyRP-Arthur 4 143
The Commandments Awry!
"Quasimodo! What do we do!?"
The Hunchback thought deeply and quickly as the yells were getting louder! Much louder. Windows shattered, as if in part of the celebration.
Soon enough, in time, Quasimodo led them on with the help of the bar maid and the few hiding gypsies within the bar of the inn at that time. As suggested, they began to go without torches to find their way to the Court of Miracles.... Quasimodo helped the poor maiden who was abused before the one gypsy with them addressed him....
"What has gone to the Minister's head, boy?? All we heard tell that you usually were neutral with his doings.... Now you are against him once more..."
"... ill... illogical, in all sense of the word." Quasi replied in a tensed whisper. "...all the prisoners he had punished, most of them were the worst kind..."
"It sounds like a raid out there..." uttered the bar maiden.
"We need to cross to the bridges left of Notre Dame...."
"...y-you all go on with them..." Quasi suddenly suggested, h
:iconwdisneyrp-quasi:WDisneyRP-Quasi 4 147
Disney University - Eilonwy by Hyung86 Disney University - Eilonwy :iconhyung86:Hyung86 3,551 196
Finally Free....
It was a horrible state of affairs to begin with.... It was discovered that the staff which belonged to the Mistress of Evil :iconwdisneyrp-maleficent: was stolen by a thief named Peter Pete :iconwdisneyrp-badpete:, who was using the accursed thing to gather magic and abilities from others. His father, the Minister of Justice :iconwdisneyrp-frollo: had come to claim it from the cat who refused and bestowed a spell which placed Frollo into a trance like state.
Quasimodo watched as this happened and grew infuriated, tormented by memories and a stabbing voice within his mind... saw it all happen and sprung to action to rescue his father from anymore misfortune!
"... In the name of the Lord, you shall not defy me! Bring that forth,is an order!" demanded the Minister
"Think again!" the cat spat and rose the staff and began to chant. "marble columns, walls of stone.... Golden bells with ringing tones, slab of brick and crease of mortar,  "his honor" now under my order!"
:iconwdisneyrp-quasi:WDisneyRP-Quasi 7 96
Ragamuffin by WDisneyRP-Arthur Ragamuffin :iconwdisneyrp-arthur:WDisneyRP-Arthur 15 8 The Black Cauldron - The Horned King by Wyn83 The Black Cauldron - The Horned King :iconwyn83:Wyn83 31 9 High King Cover Detail by saeriellyn High King Cover Detail :iconsaeriellyn:saeriellyn 72 16 The High King by saeriellyn The High King :iconsaeriellyn:saeriellyn 47 34 Freinds by WDisneyRP-Jessica Freinds :iconwdisneyrp-jessica:WDisneyRP-Jessica 4 10


Taran of Caer Dallben
United Kingdom


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WDisneyRP-Esmeralda Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014
A group of gypsies set up camp in the woods
WDisneyRP-Flynn Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014
((Just a quick note, you're not watching me. :roll:))
WDisneyRP-Taran Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014
[ Flynn, be patient, is the Taran you are talking to XD
I am Frolls, can't remember if I had told you already.  ]
WDisneyRP-Flynn Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014
((I had no idea, so you probably didn't. :O I often check on characters
whether they belong to people I already know.. but not always.))
WDisneyRP-Taran Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014
[ Aaaww! Worry not, is all right! :)  ]
WDisneyRP-Marahute Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014
The red lands...

A place of ill awaited kin here. The grand golden had made her perch to rest after a full night of flight... The red, and lush mountains. There was water and it felt safer here to some regard. The Australian lands held nothing dear anymore and she wished to explore more of the Heaven. Nearly getting moon scathed the night before was worth it.
WDisneyRP-Taran Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014
[ Mara, hello! :glomp:
Is it night or day?  Please do tell and I will edit my comment. ]

*It was early morning, so early the sun was yet to rise over the mystic land of Prydain. The assistant pig keeper was awake, however, and he went to the open fields to began harvesting wheat. The boy  was not alone, Hen Wen was at his side, not that she could really help him much on the work but he could talk to the poor piglet all the day. Of course, after a while, the stook of the grain stalk became a very comfortable bed for him to fall asleep. He was unaware of the creature that was flying near of Caer Dallben.*
[Basically dawn :heart: and this time, Mara has an agenda. :evillaugh: She has come to get some new territory so she can be near her clan, so she may cause some chaos among the reptilian avians about here.]

She drew in a deep breath and scaled the valleys below which were lush and full of sound. Good prey resided here and there was plenty of ground and rock. Water. Good. Perfect. What caught her ear was this odd sound, which belonged to a hoofed beast...a tiny one. Her sharp eye spotted the small prey down below and she kept her eye on it.
WDisneyRP-Taran Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014
[ All right, I did a correct post! Oh dear, Mara, be careful! ]

*The red-headed lad was in deep thought, imagining how grand Prydain would be once the wars were to cease entirely so that the country could be rebuilt, he was to find a way to do this, have the task on his hands. However, he was soon to fall asleep. Hen Wen was all disappointed, Taran was not working not playing with her, she tried to wake him up but it was of no avail. Grunting in defeat, the small piglet ventured away on her own.*
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WDisneyRP-Eilonwy Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2014
((Yay you're on! Here's what I put for my final response to our Sample RP on the application. I figure we can go from there!))

*Eilonwy wanted to internally smack herself for not thinking of it before! The idea was perfect, and it would give her more time with Taran!*

"Of course! You will both be welcomed as my honored guests! After all, the mentors may sayI'm clumsy and fix my arithmetic, but they can't deny me the chance to spend time with those I invite!"

*Another voice calls the princess's name from a distance. He sounds worried.
"Princess Eilonwy! We really must be returning your highness!"

*Eilonwy rolls her eyes at the guard's words. She takes Taran's hand and tells her Pelydryn to guide Hen Wen to follow them. She guided Taran to a small gathering of fully saddled horses, one without a rider.*

"Sir Carlyle, this is Taran of Caer Dallben, and the pig in his caring is Hen Wen. We shall be stoping by their home so that they may accompany me back to Llyr. Both will be welcomed as my honored guests."

*At first the guard seemed to want to protest, however he could see not only a fierce demanding in the young princesse's eyes, but a sort of desperate pleading. He instead turned his horse to face the other guards.*

"Men, the princess has given her orders. Have a horse ready for the boy and, someone carry the pig."

*The guards followed orders, and prepared to make way for Taran's cottage. Eilonwy smiled blissfully as she she realized that she would have a few days more with her dear friend.*

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